PWD Amsterdam Poppers 30 ML Leather Cleaner

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  • PWD "Amsterdam Poppers" (The Original and Best Amsterdam Poppers as pictured) 
  • 30 ML Big Bottle of the Original "Amsterdam Poppers" 
  • PWD  ( Pac West Distributing Corp)  
  • Factory Fresh product stored in our climate controlled facility
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  • Directions: Use a clean soft cloth or cotton swab to apply cleaning solution.  Cover the test spot with the cleaner.  Gently work the cleaner into the leather.  Using a dry soft cloth absorb any excess fluid.  Let the leather dry.  Look for any discoloring.  IF any discoloring is visible, you know that using our cleaning solutions on the particular piece of leather will cause the color of the leather to change.  Consider this carefully before proceeding with the cleaning job.